Sunday, 8 August 2010


Escapism is something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

Drugs. Alcohol. Cigarettes. No, dancing. Dancing is the most effective escape plan. To go to a club night full of Motown classics and to dance like no-one is watching is the most effective and brilliant way to escape from everything that you know to be your normal boring life.

It’s like riding on a zip-wire. For that moment, the wind is in your face, you grip tightly to the rope and all that matters is making sure that you don’t fall off. It doesn’t matter that you might be falling off your course in life. It doesn’t matter that your love life may be falling apart. As long as you hold on tight to that zip wire and enjoy that ride, everything will be fine.

Like dancing to that music, as long as you keep in time to the beat and keep your mind focused on the melody, nothing else matters.

Nothing else matters. That is the best feeling isn’t it? Your work means nothing, your day to day chores around the house have no meaning or consequence. Your partner? They don’t care about you. All that matters is that you lose yourself in the moment, that moment of frivolity and unnecessary fun. That’s what counts. That’s what your whole life has climaxed to in that moment and for those one or two seconds you feel free. Free from financial concern, free from responsibility. Free from anyone or anything that has ever made you feel inadequate. That doesn’t matter. You are a sole being, in charge of your life and your happiness. Does it matter that it’s so transcendent that it only lasts a few mere seconds? Perhaps, perhaps not. What matters is that it happens and that you notice it. Not only notice is but take stock, take a photograph in your mind to capture that moment that life escaped you and you felt only pure bliss.

If only more moments would feel like that.